For subscription other than milk, please call our customer care at 1-800-ADD-MILK (1-800-233-6455)/1-800-C0W-MILK(1-800-209-6455) or email to



What makes Sarda Farms milk special ?

  • 100% pure, Antibiotic-free & Hormone-free cow milk
  • Zero adulteration and contamination
  • Nothing is added or extracted from the milk, except in the case of skimmed milk where the fat is extracted
  • The milk reaches your home within hours of milking though a cold chain delivery process that prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Untouched by hand till you open it
  • Packed in tamper-evident glass bottles/gable top

How many variants of milk do we have ?

Sarda Farms milk is available in four delicious variants:
  • Raw milk: Unprocessed milk that needs to be boiled before consumption.
  • Pasteurized milk: Raw milk which is flash heated to 80 degrees Celsius and instantly chilled and seal-packed to kill bacteria that may be present.
  • Pasteurised & Homogenised milk: Pasteurised milk is homogenised by breaking down the fat particles and mixing them in the milk.
  • Skimmed milk: Milk from which the fat has been extracted.

Do you have FSSAI License for your products?

Yes all our products are sold under FSSAI  License No: 11519027000585.

Where is Sarda Farms ?

Sarda Farms is in the village of Shenit on the Shirdi-Mumbai highway, Igatpuri Taluka, Nashik.

How big is the farm ?

Sarda Farms is spread over 50 acres and has been built to world standards.

What type of cows does Sarda Farms breed ?

Sarda Farms breeds a select breed of Holstein Friesian cows.

How many cows do Sarda Farms currently own ?

At this point, we have over one thousand cows and are adding more cows every week.

What facilities are available on the farm ?

Sarda Farms is a world-standard dairy farm that uses state-of-the-art processes, with all the facilities required to keep the cows comfortable and happy, such as climate controllers, massage brushes and unlimited feed and water.

Do you breed the cows on your farm ?

Constant R&D is done to improve the breeding.

Do you give hormone injections to the Cows ?

We are strictly against the use of Oxytocin or any other form of hormones.

Where is the processing Plant ?

Satpur, Nashik.

Is the processing a manual process ?

It is an automated process.

How is the milk packed ?

The milk is packed in 1 litre glass bottles and gable top with tamper evident sealing and it is delivered in thermal insulated bags.

Do I have to return the glass bottles/thermal insulated bags ?

The glass bottles are recycled. You need to rinse the bottle and put it into the insulated bag, which is also recycled, to allow us to deliver the next day’s milk.

What if the glass bottle breaks ?

The glass bottle is environmentally friendly but brittle. We sincerely urge you to handle it with care as broken glass could potentially cause injury.

Will I be charged for broken bottles ?

There is a charge for broken bottles and un-returned thermal insulation jackets

When is the milk delivered?

The milk is delivered between 5:00 am and 7:00 am every morning.

Who makes the deliveries ?

Deliveries are done by the company delivery people.

How does the delivery happen ?

Our delivery person can leave the insulated bag containing the bottle at your door step. Or he can ring your doorbell and leave the bottle at your door step, or give you the bottle in person.  

Can I get delivery on emergency basis ?

We do have emergency stock, but emergency management can be time consuming which might lead to a delay in delivery. 

How do I pay ?

You can pay through:

  • Online: Credit card/Debit card/bank transfer
  • IVR on Phone: Credit card/Debit card
  • From home: Cash/Cheque/Credit card/Debit card   

When does the milk supply start ?

Sarda Farms would start delivering milk in 4-7 days from the date of payment. Payment can be made vide cheque, Visa/ Master Credit card or Cash.  

What if there is a price revision ?

In case of a revision of the price at any time, or any number of times, the milk will still be supplied at the subscribed cost for the duration of a valid subscription credit. Renewals will be at price prevailing at the time of renewal.  

Can I pause or temporarily opt out of the milk delivery ?

Yes, the milk delivery can be stopped, and resumed, at any time with prior intimation upto 3:00 pm the previous day.  

Can I ask for more/ less milk for a few days ?

Yes, the milk quantity can be temporarily increased or reduced, within the subscription credit.  

Can I change/add/stop a milk variant ?

Yes, you can change your choice of milk – start/stop or increase/reduce, with prior intimation up to 3:00 pm the previous day, subject to subscription credit and availability of the product(s).

How would temporarily changing the milk quantity or milk variant affect the duration of my subscription ?

The delivered quantity will be adjusted against the subscribed quantity, on a daily basis. A monthly delivery statement will be sent by email indicating the subscription credit in milk quantity. The delivery will continue uninterrupted within the subscription credit.

Can I divert my milk delivery to a relative or friend ?

Sorry, the milk delivery cannot be diverted

How long is the subscription valid ?

Subscription is valid for 90 days. The unused subscription amount will not be refunded.

Do you deliver in half-litre packaging?

Sorry, currently, the milk is delivered only in 1-litre bottles. However, the half-litre packaging is under evaluation. Subscribers will be intimated prior to roll-out.

Can my neighbour pick up milk on my behalf ?

Yes, on exceptional circumstances and with prior intimation, the milk delivery can be made to a designated neighbour.

What is the delivery schedule on holidays ?

Your milk is delivered 7 days a week, 365 days a year, unless there is an exceptional emergency situation.

Are there any additional charges beyond the subscription rate?

There is no additional charge beyond the subscription amount.

How do I get in contact in case I need to ?

7:00 am – 7:00 pm, Mon-Sun
Phone: 1-800-ADD-MILK (1-800-233-6455)
        1-800-C0W-MILK (1-800-209-6455)

What is the difference between hand delivery, door-bell and door-step delivery?

Hand Delivery:

The Sarda Farms delivery person will ring your doorbell and hand over the milk in person. This helps preserve the quality since the milk can be put in the refrigerator immediately.

Door-step Delivery:

The Sarda Farms delivery person will keep the milk outside your door/gate. This puts the quality at risk since the milk may lie un-refrigerated for a while. You should opt for this only if the door-bell delivery is inconvenient.

Door-bell Delivery:

The Sarda Farms delivery person will ring the doorbell once and will keep the milk at your doorstep. This puts the quality at risk since the milk may lie un-refrigerated for a while. You should opt for this only if the hand delivery is inconvenient.

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