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Direct from our family farm to your home

Untouched By Hands

From our own farm to your home the milk is never touched by a single human hand.

Zero Adulterations

Sarda Farms ensures that no external additives are ever used in the milk.

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Cold Chain Delivery

Every bottle of Sarda Farms milk travels to customers’ doorsteps through our own cold chain delivery system.

Zero Contamination

Sarda Farms is protected from all forms of human, cattle or environmental contamination.

Tamper Evident Bottles

Sarda Farms milk is packed in tamper-proof bottles & allows no external meddling.

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as good as it gets

Convenience at your fingertips

Change Quantity

Change quantity of milk to be delivered from our online portal.

Change Variants

You can easily change the milk variant to be delivered.

Pause Milk Supply

Not in Town! Pause milk supply for selected dates.

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Reach Us Easily

Our customer care can be easily reached for quality and service related issues.

Resume Milk Supply

Back in Town! Resume milk supply from the paused state.


Easily renew the milk subscriptions online.

Nominate a Friend

Nominate friends & family to rich taste of Sarda Farms milk.

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as good as it gets

Know Milk

Sarda Farms

Every drop of milk that goes to our customer’s home is from Sarda Farms and not a single drop is outsourced.

Milk Impurities in India

70% of milk available in India does not conform to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India norms.

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Milk Types

We offer milk types like Raw, Pasteurized & Skimmed.

Cow Milk

About 90% of the milk and milk products consumed in the world is cow’s milk.

Indian Milk Industry

India for a long time was a milk deficient state, where availability of milk even to young children was a challenge.

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